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Display macOS Dock in Touch Bar.
It's free and open source, and it also brings some minimalistic widgets with it!

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Latest version: 0.7.2
requires macOS 10.12.2 or above

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Includes five default widgets

Dock widget

Your macOS Dock inside your MacBook's Touch Bar, the core widget.
It comes with fully-functional badge support so you will not miss any notification.
More features can be configured in widget settings along with other preferences.
It now includes multi-window support!
Enjoy your screen in full-size every time!

Dock widget Windows exposé
Now Playing widget

Media information at a glance with gestures for media controls included.

tap toggle play/pause
swipe left previous song
swipe right next song

Now Playing widget
ESC widget

A handy ESC button is there, just in case, so you don't have to hide Pock to access the system one.

ESC widget
Status widget

Always keep an eye on system information, like what time is it, or maybe WiFi status or Battery status. Configure Status items visibility from settings.

Status widget
Control Center widget

Change screen brightness or system volume with easy controls.
Long press or slide on control center item to invoke sliders.

Control Center widget

More widgets are coming!
Keep search for #pock on social media to be updated on future widgets releases!

More widgets


You can adjust Pock and widgets settings to reflects your specific needs. You can access these panes from the Preferences menu item.

Dock Widget Preferences
General Preferences
Status Widget Preferences


You can customize the widgets position in Touch Bar from the Customize menu item.

Pock preview


Do you want to build a custom widget for Pock?
Soon you will be able to do it, with PockKit!

coming soon
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built with and argon